Universal Pictures - Land of the Lost Mobile Game

In the Summer of 2009, Universal Pictures dropped Will Ferrell (Rick Marshall) into the Land of the Lost. We created the iPhone App for the “greatest adventure ever known” and along the way re-introduced the world to Sleestacks. Sleestaks! Players controlled Rick Marshall as he built bridges, and navigated around obstacles in order to reach the end of the level – all while avoiding the evil Sleestaks. The game included: 25 unique levels Multiple Undo Unlockable Videos Humorous audio clips and SFX from the Movie More Sleestaks! The game had features found in larger game titles and informed players about the movie. Key features include: Save State Tell-A-Friend Scoreboard 18 exclusive movie photos and videos from the movie Timed to change messaging for movie opening and DVD sales Banner Ad Promotion Mobile Campaign: Drove traffic directly to Apple App Store to install the App Impressions: Over 750,000 (banner ads delivered to iPhone users only) Click Through: Nearly 3,000 (average was .48% at peak) Ran on 164 Mobile Markets Top Performing Markets: LA, Dallas, Washington DC, Denver, Chicago, NYC, Tampa (average 1% to 3% click through) Online Kewlbox.com Campaign: Drove traffic directly to Land of the Lost iPhone App web page to view video of game, description with links to store and official movie web site. Impressions: Over 500,000 (banner ads delivered to online game players) Click Through: Over 16,000 (average 3.6% click through, much higher than the industry standard of .06%)

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